Добро пожаловать в Северную Ирландию!

In the heart of the Northern Irish Mourne Mountains along the Annalong Valley above the breaking swell of the Irish Sea, in a small rock formation known as Percy Bysshe lies Cove Cave at a height of around 250 metres.

Panoramas shot by virtualactual.com reveal as never before Cove Cave in the Mourne Mountains.

click on pictures below to see panoramas of cave interior - Adobe Flash plugin required, will most probably already be on your PC, also be aware most panoramas 3 - 4 mb in size.

View outside Cove Cave looking down the Annalong Valley

First entrance chamber - accessible by means of 80 cm high entrance

Second chamber accessible by walking along first chamber then climbing onto a ledge approximately one metre above one's head - too small for replica watches uk a normal sized adult to full stand up in.

Third and final chamber - accessible by crawling on one's stomach replica watches over fallen rocks through an aperture roughly 60 cm high. If one goes further into the cave it narrows dramatically and comes to a tight bend - this is impassable.

note: there is no artificial or natural light within the cave, in likelihood without swiss replica watches specialist equipment should you visit them you will find them much darker, the cave is also quite constricted and is best visited by relatively fit people who are happy in small confined spaces.